Freelancing: To Be or Not to Be

Freelancing: To Be or Not to Be

Been looking and searching here and there to get the most fitted online job I could possibly have. I was a candidate for a single or two but after discussion and communication with the client, it seems to be a scam (but I’m not sure as well). There is one who needs to access my FB account, another requires me to enter my credit card details in a Bing Ads account. Feeling unsafe, I’ve withdrawn my proposals. Well, I guess that’s one lesson in the world of freelancing… one has to be wise in choosing the work/client.

Is freelancing for me?

But I am not losing hope, I had an offer which is an ongoing job depending if there is a work to do so the income is like for part-time only, not enough to provide a family. So, this leads me to think, if I should really do this. I know there are many successful freelancers out there but, of course, not everybody has the same luck as theirs, and maybe I’m one of them, hahaha! But seriously, with less than a month of freelancing, I believe there is more, just need to be PATIENT. To all newbies like me, just keep on submitting proposals, and it will come.



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