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STAY… until you can…

STAY… until you can…

It’s been a long while. So many things have happened that I didn’t get the time to update this blog. 

For the past couple of weeks, a feeling of kinda heartbroken is in the air. Sometimes it feels like giving up and walking away… but as Newton’s 3rd law states… “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” which I think not only applies to force but also to LIFE. 

In life, whatever you do and decisions you make, you should always think the possible consequences it can bring, which I believe normal human beings do, but… sometimes when one’s heart is full of anger and sorrow, he became irrational and cannot think straight, he will just do what he wants to do! And when that happens, new problem arises and leads to more and more problems.

So what I just want to say is… THINK A HUNDRED TIMES before making A GRAND GETAWAY FROM LIFE ISSUES. Think not only of your self but also your loved ones, how they will be affected and how they will cope with it. PRAY to GOD when you are really confused and need someone to talk to. STAY TRUE to yourself, ONLY YOU will know what will make you HAPPY! Good luck!

Freelancing: To Be or Not to Be

Freelancing: To Be or Not to Be

Been looking and searching here and there to get the most fitted online job I could possibly have. I was a candidate for a single or two but after discussion and communication with the client, it seems to be a scam (but I’m not sure as well). There is one who needs to access my FB account, another requires me to enter my credit card details in a Bing Ads account. Feeling unsafe, I’ve withdrawn my proposals. Well, I guess that’s one lesson in the world of freelancing… one has to be wise in choosing the work/client.

Is freelancing for me?

But I am not losing hope, I had an offer which is an ongoing job depending if there is a work to do so the income is like for part-time only, not enough to provide a family. So, this leads me to think, if I should really do this. I know there are many successful freelancers out there but, of course, not everybody has the same luck as theirs, and maybe I’m one of them, hahaha! But seriously, with less than a month of freelancing, I believe there is more, just need to be PATIENT. To all newbies like me, just keep on submitting proposals, and it will come.


3》Oh My Internet!

3》Oh My Internet!

As we all know, internet is now a necessity being it as a means of communication with long distance friends and families. It is also a medium for business promotion and online income generators.  So I guess, almost every household has their own internet connection.


Having moved into a new place means application for new internet services. Tried requesting transfer of our PLDT Fibr account but unfortunately it is not yet available in our location so they proposed DSL, but then again, there is no secondary line available. They offered Ultera, but on the day of installation, the technician advised via text that they will cancel the installation since our place is out of Smart LTE coverage (thank goodness, I was actually going to backout because of the bad reviews considering it has a 3-yr lock-in period). I was already losing hope since the only internet connection I have is my Globe mobile data, and the signal, though I’m getting an H+ or 4G is quite unstable. So our last resort is Globe, we’ve applied for their Globe at Home plan 1200.

On the day of installation, everybody was excited… the modem was already in place, the router was already on the roof and here comes the speedtest, it’s fast at 5mbps! Yahoo! Then all of a sudden, the technician guy said that they cannot proceed to full installation… but why o why!.. the signal is unstable, it keeps on dropping and it’s out of Globe standards… I really felt disappointed 😦 though everything was already in place, they disconnected all. After a few days, Globe called to re-install for another checking with their field manager, but again, it cannot be! What are we going to do? We need it for business… Then all of a sudden, Globe sales called again promoting their Globe at Home prepaid, they were saying that it is 50% faster than pocket wifi. Being our last hope, we were convinced and purchased the unit. It’s priced at P1,995 and comes with free 10GB data so we instantly used it.

Globe at Home Prepaid Wifi

HOLA! It’s true to what it claims to be! The signal is strong, the speed is fast for both download and upload. It’s like something sent from heaven 😁

Just to be clear, I am not promoting any company or any router for anything. This is only from personal experience.I believe the signal strength is still dependent on your location. And in our case, this is the one. But you know, with its pros also have its cons.

PROS: Ready to use, no installation needed just plug to the outlet. Easy on the budget since its prepaid.

CONS: With data cap dependent on your purchased GOSURF promo. Higher data spends since it’s not unlimited. Needs electrical outlet to work. Not mobile like the pocket wifi but can still be brought around as long as there is a power outlet.

So there you go! Hope I had given light to those whose locations are impossible to reach with internet. This might be the answer to your problem. But before purchasing, make sure to consult first with your Globe contact person so they can check the best options.

Good Luck!


Enough With My Drama

Enough With My Drama

So, with my very first blog post, https://liferealitybytes.wordpress.com/2017/07/19/from-corporate-to-provincial-life/, I guess I got some of my friends and families worried, hmmm sorry for that if I did, but just want everyone to know that I am A okay. Last time was just like… spur of the moment, and I’m alright now.

But you know what, some realizations swept over me, MY FRIENDS, ESPECIALLY MY FAMILY does really care for me. I felt loved and cared for. One assured me that my decision was right. Another expressed their readiness to help if I need one. Some offered to visit me and meet up. And another even admired my character as a wife. I felt a pang of guilt that I had them worried for my being so dramatic. Though, one thing’s for sure, communication lines with them had been renewed and made fresh again. Thanks to you guys! Group hug!

grp hug

Okay, don’t want to be a drama queen anymore, I’ll just stay positive as much as I can and enjoy every minute of the day. With my lots of free time, I’ll sure learn ways to make it productive. Trying to look for online jobs.. and hopefully I will find one, the sooner the better. Thanks to those who liked my first post!






From Corporate to Provincial Life

From Corporate to Provincial Life

Since I graduated from college 19 years ago, I’ve been working and living in a corporate world, exposed to modern life living near malls and other commercial establishments. I’m earning my own money and get to buy the things I want for myself, for my daughter, and of course for my husband. We eat out almost every weekend, may it be fastfood or fine dining. In short, I’m living the life I want it to be. Some few years ago, my husband was already convincing me to relocate in their provincial hometown, which I totally disagreed since I’m not used to live in such place. Moreover, it’s hard to sacrifice the life that was already built in our good old home, and of course my work which was our bread and butter, so as to say. He was saying that life would be better for our family if we will transfer so after almost 4 years, I was convinced. It was a very hard and life changing decision, and honestly, I am not sure if I made the right one. At this very moment, we are already here in our new place, just moved more than a month ago. I am really having a hard time adjusting, the reason I resorted to internet and try this blogging, at least I have some way to share my thoughts. But happy to say that my daughter had fully adjusted with her new school and friends, at least she’s fine. I know that one day will come (I hope soon!) when I will be adjusted as my daughter. I just need to find something I will be busy with, and at the same time will earn money. Though the place is great here with the green lush surroundings and fresh air, still missing my old life. I cannot define yet my purpose here. I felt I made a wrong decision. Did I?