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STAY… until you can…

STAY… until you can…

It’s been a long while. So many things have happened that I didn’t get the time to update this blog. 

For the past couple of weeks, a feeling of kinda heartbroken is in the air. Sometimes it feels like giving up and walking away… but as Newton’s 3rd law states… “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” which I think not only applies to force but also to LIFE. 

In life, whatever you do and decisions you make, you should always think the possible consequences it can bring, which I believe normal human beings do, but… sometimes when one’s heart is full of anger and sorrow, he became irrational and cannot think straight, he will just do what he wants to do! And when that happens, new problem arises and leads to more and more problems.

So what I just want to say is… THINK A HUNDRED TIMES before making A GRAND GETAWAY FROM LIFE ISSUES. Think not only of your self but also your loved ones, how they will be affected and how they will cope with it. PRAY to GOD when you are really confused and need someone to talk to. STAY TRUE to yourself, ONLY YOU will know what will make you HAPPY! Good luck!



I saw this from another site and totally agree with the quote below. 

This is experiencing pain, defeat, struggles or whatever you call them the positive way, getting stronger and wiser as you face them. This is the Real Life so just bring it on and get on with it! Aja!

4》A Caring Mother-Like Rooster

4》A Caring Mother-Like Rooster

Hello, it’s been a while! I would like to share what I have witnessed just the other day that really touched the soft spot of my heart. 😍

Below is a picture of 4 orphaned chicks. Their mommy hen passed away due to some disease which affects the majority of their kind. I really pity them because they are just 2 or 3 days old… so young without a mom. I was thinking how would they survive without their mom beside them. Like humans, they need her care, her warmth, her guidance and support. Who will teach them how to look for their food? So I just watched them and they are all cheeping, probably calling on their mommy. They walk all over and do not leave each other… always in one group. I hope some hen will adopt them.

Four Orphaned Chicks

As they walk and walk, they met another hen but she did not mind them and kept on avoiding the 4 chicks. Then, they met another, a rooster being groomed for cockfighting. I was really amazed because he did not peck on the chicks, instead he just allowed them to stay in his area. Then as minutes go by, we just noticed that he was like training the chicks how to get their own food. See the photo below. Truly unbelievable! He is not even the father of these chicks.

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Enough With My Drama

Enough With My Drama

So, with my very first blog post, https://liferealitybytes.wordpress.com/2017/07/19/from-corporate-to-provincial-life/, I guess I got some of my friends and families worried, hmmm sorry for that if I did, but just want everyone to know that I am A okay. Last time was just like… spur of the moment, and I’m alright now.

But you know what, some realizations swept over me, MY FRIENDS, ESPECIALLY MY FAMILY does really care for me. I felt loved and cared for. One assured me that my decision was right. Another expressed their readiness to help if I need one. Some offered to visit me and meet up. And another even admired my character as a wife. I felt a pang of guilt that I had them worried for my being so dramatic. Though, one thing’s for sure, communication lines with them had been renewed and made fresh again. Thanks to you guys! Group hug!

grp hug

Okay, don’t want to be a drama queen anymore, I’ll just stay positive as much as I can and enjoy every minute of the day. With my lots of free time, I’ll sure learn ways to make it productive. Trying to look for online jobs.. and hopefully I will find one, the sooner the better. Thanks to those who liked my first post!