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I saw this from another site and totally agree with the quote below. 

This is experiencing pain, defeat, struggles or whatever you call them the positive way, getting stronger and wiser as you face them. This is the Real Life so just bring it on and get on with it! Aja!

Nurturing Your Child’s Gift

Nurturing Your Child’s Gift

Were there times you were amazed that your child can do things that you can’t? Even how many times you think to yourself… how they did that?… even you yourself can’t answer it. Then, probably… that’s your child’s natural gift!

Photo from Study.Com

I believe every child is born unique. They have their inborn talents, and special skills acquired through training. How lucky are those with inborn talents but it would be nothing if it will not be nurtured. As parents, we should be the first to know if they have it. A natural gift is not only having a high IQ like some genius but could be anything like writing poems, composing lyrics and songs, dancing. singing etc.. as in anything that your child can uniquely do at his best. And to nurture it, does not really involve spending too much money. While some can enroll their child in special talents classes, how about those parents who can’t afford those? Below are some suggestions.

1. Let your child enjoy doing what they love.

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Just let them be! If they need to be messy. then go… if they want to talk, sing, dance in front of a mirror, don’t hold them back, instead support them. But make them understand your set limits so he can still enjoy his craft, and at the same time still following your rules.

2. Give them materials.

My daughter writing her poems on unused pages of notebooks.

Te enjoy more their craft, give them the necessary materials they need. It does not need to be expensive, or sometimes, us parents need to be creative like making some DIYs so you don’t need to buy anymore. Like in my case, my daughter likes to write poems so she uses unused pages of old notebooks, then just designing it so it would look nice.

3. Don’t forget to praise them.

When they show you their work or talent, never ever forget to praise them. It lets them feel that you truly love what they do and you are proud of them. It gives them more motivation and confidence to continue developing themselves and doing what they love.

So that’s all for now. All I can say is just always love your children and support them in everything they do. Then, just to share some of my daughter’s own written poems, feel free to read below. You can also visit her blog @worldofmybestest, but I think she’s still experimenting on it so it might not be working yet. For now, enjoy reading her poems below.

Original Poem by Amber Sofia Ramos
Original Poem by Amber Sofia Ramos
Original Poem by Amber Sofia Ramos
4》A Caring Mother-Like Rooster

4》A Caring Mother-Like Rooster

Hello, it’s been a while! I would like to share what I have witnessed just the other day that really touched the soft spot of my heart. 😍

Below is a picture of 4 orphaned chicks. Their mommy hen passed away due to some disease which affects the majority of their kind. I really pity them because they are just 2 or 3 days old… so young without a mom. I was thinking how would they survive without their mom beside them. Like humans, they need her care, her warmth, her guidance and support. Who will teach them how to look for their food? So I just watched them and they are all cheeping, probably calling on their mommy. They walk all over and do not leave each other… always in one group. I hope some hen will adopt them.

Four Orphaned Chicks

As they walk and walk, they met another hen but she did not mind them and kept on avoiding the 4 chicks. Then, they met another, a rooster being groomed for cockfighting. I was really amazed because he did not peck on the chicks, instead he just allowed them to stay in his area. Then as minutes go by, we just noticed that he was like training the chicks how to get their own food. See the photo below. Truly unbelievable! He is not even the father of these chicks.

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Enough With My Drama

Enough With My Drama

So, with my very first blog post, https://liferealitybytes.wordpress.com/2017/07/19/from-corporate-to-provincial-life/, I guess I got some of my friends and families worried, hmmm sorry for that if I did, but just want everyone to know that I am A okay. Last time was just like… spur of the moment, and I’m alright now.

But you know what, some realizations swept over me, MY FRIENDS, ESPECIALLY MY FAMILY does really care for me. I felt loved and cared for. One assured me that my decision was right. Another expressed their readiness to help if I need one. Some offered to visit me and meet up. And another even admired my character as a wife. I felt a pang of guilt that I had them worried for my being so dramatic. Though, one thing’s for sure, communication lines with them had been renewed and made fresh again. Thanks to you guys! Group hug!

grp hug

Okay, don’t want to be a drama queen anymore, I’ll just stay positive as much as I can and enjoy every minute of the day. With my lots of free time, I’ll sure learn ways to make it productive. Trying to look for online jobs.. and hopefully I will find one, the sooner the better. Thanks to those who liked my first post!